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Haynes Plumbing is the drain cleaning leader in Bowie for numerous key reasons. The first explanation is we take advantage of advanced video camera technology to pinpoint where drain and sewer blocks can be found. Once this step is accomplished, we have numerous strategies for getting rid of the drain or sewer clog. Probably the most current, as well as the most powerful technology is through hydro jetting. The approach of water jetting sewers performs incredibly well on getting through blocks with very high water pressure. Sand, silt, tree roots, grease cannot endure the high pressure cleaning of our hydro jetting for drains and sewers.

Exactly how it works, is the cleaning head pushes itself forward through the drain. There are 6-8 reverse jets that spray from the rear of the cleaning nozzle too. Once it gets to the obstruction, it blasts it up with a strong flow of water. After that, the rear jets clean the pipe of any debris. If a plumbers snake was initially required, the hydro jet will clean out everything the snake first broke up.

Hydro Jetting ApplicationsWater Jetting Bowie

Apartment and Condominium Managers
Property Managers
Residential Homeowners
Commercial Businesses

Residential Water Jetting Bowie
Old plumbing lines in households may have large amounts of debris in them. Our hydro jetting can work through the most uncooperative and compacted clogs, taking ones plumbing pipes back to normalcy with increased water pressure. Locations that have problems with sand and silt buildup, where a drain auger cannot completely eliminate the debris, a water jet will be able to. In addition, it is a wholly environmentally safe because no unpleasant chemicals are utilized!

Commercial Water Jetting Bowie
Hydro jetting for commercial locations is very helpful because of the continuous usage of sewer and drain lines. Apartments, hotels, and restaurants, just to mention a few, have to have clean running sewer lines, free of blockages. We have the equipment and experience to help keep them that way for you.

Get in touch with us plan regular water jetting of your commercial facility’s drains to make certain they are continuously functioning without needing an emergency cleaning.

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